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Dental Implants at Maven Dental Pioneer 

Implants are an excellent option for replacing one or more lost teeth, which like many dental treatments have come a long way technologically in recent years. Implants look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible consisting of a replacement root made from titanium, with a crown placed on top. Both front and back teeth are suitable for implants however front teeth influence your appearance, therefore implants for the front teeth can be designed to give you a new look whereas your back teeth are less important to your appearance, but their mechanical function is very important. As such, the implants and replica teeth are designed accordingly

What happens when I get a dental implant?

Step 1 is the implant placement:
The titanium /alloy implant is surgically placed and left to fuse with the jawbone. Very few dentists have the training and experience to carry out this complicated procedure. In most cases, these dentists also carry out the second step.

Step 2 is the implant restoration:
The replica tooth or crown is fitted on top of the fused implant. Most dentists can carry out this procedure.

Can my dentist place a dental implant?

Many Maven Dental practices are experienced in the second step of the implant process which is implant restoration. That is, they will refer their patient to a another highly qualified dentist to place the implant, but the patient will then return to the original practice to have the replica tooth fitted to the implant. 

However, it is becoming increasingly common for general dentists to seek further education in implantology to become proficient at carrying out the whole procedure themselves to further develop their skillset, but also for patient comfort and convenience. If your dentist is able to carry out the whole process for you it will make the whole process better for you, as you will only have to see one dentist who you will have personal support and ongoing assistance from. Contact your closest Maven Dental Group dentist to enquire about their implant offerings. 

Please contact Maven Dental Pioneer on 07 49572374 or visit us at Level 1, 67-69 Sydney Street, Mackay, QLD,