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7 Teeth-Friendly Foods

7 Friendly Foods for Your Teeth

We talk a lot about the foods that can be harmful to our teeth but what about the ones that help us build healthier, stronger teeth and gums? Get ready to add these seven teeth-friendly foods to your shopping list!... [READ MORE]
Health Insurance - Are you getting the most out of your private health fund?

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Too many of us are ashamed to let our teeth loose in a big grin, whether it be for a hot date or posing for the ‘gram. So why is it that a level of our confidence is tied to the whiteness of our teeth?... [READ MORE]

Dental Anxiety - Sedation Dental Blog

7 Ways to Help Reduce Dental Anxiety 

Look we know the dentist isn’t for everyone but some of us get a little more nervous or anxious than others. With the help of some of our Maven dentists we’ve put together seven ways to help you feel comfortable at the dentist... [READ MORE]
School Holiday Dental Health TipsFive School Holiday Tooth Tips
School Holidays are kicking off around the country, kids (and teachers) are getting a well deserved break, and parents are excited to spend two whole weeks with their kids! We thought we'd help you with five easy tips to maintain your kids oral health this holidays... [READ MORE]
Improve Oral Health - Rethink Sugary Drinks

How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

It's probably more thank you think. Did you know that a regular 600ml bottle of soft drink contains around 16 teaspoons of sugar?

Yikes... [READ MORE]
In the Chair with Kirsten Middleton - Maven Dental Buderim

In The Chair with Kirsten Middleton

Coming up on 15 years with the practice, Kirsten's energy and passion for patient care is infectious. Whilst the humble hygienist insists she doesn't like the spotlight, we got Kirsten 'In the Chair' to chat about being recognised for all her effort and why she loves being a hygienist... [READ MORE]
Health Insurance - Are you getting the most out of your private health fund?

Avoid the Dental Tourism Traps

The decision to become a dental tourist usually comes down to one simple thing – saving money. And while it’s true you may save some money in the short term, the reality is that the risk for things going wrong is real and all those expected savings can quickly disappear.... [READ MORE]
Maven Staff Donate to Charity

Maven staff supporting domestic violence charity

Over the past year as our team members traveled for work, they've been collecting toiletries to donate them to domestic violence charity, My Friend's Place.
Taking the Plunge. Moving to Australia to be a dentist

Taking the Plunge!

Ever fancied a sea change? Imagine moving from the UK to Queensland, to continue making smiles as a dentist 😀🏖

Read Heather's story... [READ MORE]