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In The Chair with Dr Veronica Dix - Maven Dental Reynella

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) Blog Series

PART 1 - Bruxism and its Causes

PART 2 - Bruxism Symptoms (Coming Soon)

PART 3 - Treatment & Management (Coming Soon)
Health Insurance - Are you getting the most out of your private health fund?

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Private Health Fund?

Let’s be honest, the ins and outs of private health insurance can be complex and, quite frankly, a little bit mind-numbing. But getting a handle on what your insurance policy covers.... [READ MORE]

In The Chair with Glenn Horner

We caught up with our Workplace Health and Safety Officer, Glenn Horner, at our Maven Dental Support Centre in the heart of Surfers Paradise. Whilst his role is a challenging one, Glenn shares with us how he helps our Maven community both behind-the-scenes and on the front line...  [READ MORE]