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In The Chair with Dr Veronica Dix - Maven Dental Reynella

In The Chair with Veronica Dix

This week Maven Dental Reynella's friendly and enthusiastic Practice Manager, Veronica (Von) Dix, joins us in the chair. We discovered how her fear of the dentist encouraged her to pursue a career in dentistry... [READ MORE]
Health Insurance - Are you getting the most out of your private health fund?

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Private Health Fund?

Let’s be honest, the ins and outs of private health insurance can be complex and, quite frankly, a little bit mind-numbing. But getting a handle on what your insurance policy covers.... [READ MORE]
In The Chair with Dr Alan Lim - Maven Dental QV1 Perth

In The Chair with Dr Alan Lim

40% of all adults snore regularly and up to 80% of snorers have sleep apnoea but most people don’t even realise they have it. We spoke to Dr Alan Lim from Maven Dental QV1 Perth to answer some of the most frequently asked... [READ MORE]