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A new approach to dental excellence coupled with the opportunity to contribute to the long-term growth and on-going advancement of the profession….welcome to Maven Dental Group. 

After having undertaken months of research involving a team of clinical experts together with executive management, international consultants and hundreds of patients, the Maven Dental Group brand was revealed to clinicians at the Dental Partners All  Clinicians Conference on the Gold Coast in July signifying an exciting new way forward for the group.  

Although adoption of the Maven Dental Group brand is not compulsory, the move has seen the network embrace the new and improved direction.  Clinicians are excited about the opportunity to contribute to growth, commit to on-going learning and spending more time with their patients. With research and collaborative discussion identifying knowledge and lifelong learning as the key to excellence in patient care, the future looks bright for Maven Dental Group. 

The Maven Dental Group Clinical Advisory Board believes principal dentists who join the network will see their desire to expand their clinical work met, increasing their personal and professional satisfaction.

“Our focus is on dentists who want to contribute to improved oral health for the future. Our new dynamic direction together with our smart business model, embraces clinical advances and patient care. We provide real satisfaction and confidence for clinicians, the practice staff and, of course, the patients themselves.”

With a rigorous due diligence process in place, Maven Dental Group seeks to protect and maintain the integrity of the entire network by considering practices whose core values align with their own: people, care and excellence.  

Maven Dental Group represents a group of discerning dentists, who truly wish to provide the best of care for all patients. 

The network launched in 2008 as Dental Partners, a part of the Abano Healthcare Group, and now has over 95 general dental and specialist practices operating across Australia. 

Maven Dental Group has a visionary approach based on wide-ranging research and extensive feedback from clinicians and practice support staff to discover what really works. These learnings, together with ongoing testing of new technologies and improved systems, allow for the implementation of efficiencies tailored to reducing administration and operational time.
Now offering exciting opportunities for quality practitioners around the country, Maven Dental Group practices aim to be welcoming and comfortable, providing the latest in-house technology. 

Our Clinical Advisory Board believes that “the patient experience is paramount, and every patient is treated as an individual. Most significantly, the business model supports existing clinical delivery whilst providing the right technology and equipment, regular professional development and tailored practice management assistance.”

Delivering the best possible care and dental solutions for patients is at the heart of Maven Dental Group. To make this work seamlessly, the National Support Centre absorbs time consuming duties, such as human resource management, operational, IT, marketing and financial administrative functions.

The Clinical Advisory Board continues to stay abreast of new procedures, products and devices while providing best practice recommendations to the group whilst also contributing a clinical perspective across a wide range of issues. Together, with input from the network, a team of eight senior clinicians and executive management team members facilitate trials and assess which new products provide benefit to their patients and clinicians alike.  

The recently re-energised Dental Hygiene Advisory Board has been formed in order to support practices by ensuring they have access to ‘best practice’ hygiene procedures. It considers relevant legislation, protocols and professional development guides for an integrated hygiene program in practices.
Managing Director, Malcolm Lean added “A successful practice needs team members who are fulfilled, empowered and motivated. Our positive culture permeates all levels of our organisation and, looking ahead, we will excel at training and developing the next generation of bright leaders in the dental profession.”  

With the launch of its exciting new consumer facing brand, Maven Dental Group is investing in dentistry for life.