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Bruxism - Treatment & Management

Bruxism can be a tricky habit to beat but managing the damage it causes is just as important as stopping it altogether. Teeth grinding can be caused by a mix of physical and psychological factors, and therefore treatment plans should be concerned with both.

Management and treatment does differ from person-to-person and consulting with your dentist is recommended to find the best plan for you. Whilst your dentist can not treat the mental side of bruxism, they are able to help manage the physical aspects and prevent further damage to the teeth.
  • Dentists can help manage physical issues that may be causing teeth grinding. Your dentist can correct problems such as overly high fillings, and crooked teeth. If you suffer from sleep bruxism, your dentist may also recommend fitting an occlusal splint or mouthguard. (NOTE: Occlusal Splints are a preventative measure to protect the teeth from further damage. They should not be considered a cure for Bruxism.)
  • It can be difficult to identify what psychological factors are playing a role in teeth grinding. Stress and anxiety are common factors, therefore researching methods to reduce these may help combat bruxism. If the source of your bruxism is emotional or psychological consider contacting support services such as Lifeline (131 114) or Beyond Blue (1300 224 636) before seeing your dentist. It is still a good idea to raise the issue with your dentist and, if necessary, they may be able to recommend an appropriate health professional to assist you.
  • Most young children that grind their teeth will eventually grow out of the habit. If teeth grinding persists, consider consulting with your dentist to identify the cause of the problem early.
TIP: It may be helpful to cut down on consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco products
The cause of bruxism can be a combination of physical and psychological factors. If you are experiencing symptoms, or are worried you grind your teeth, bring your concerns to the attention of your dentist at your next appointment.
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 Bruxism Symptoms