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In the Chair with Annabelle Crooke

Maven Dental South Yarra's globe-trotting oral health therapist Annabelle Crooke jumped 'In the Chair' and had a chat to us about her dental career, oral hygiene, and her love of travelling.

Annabelle Crooke -South Yarra Oral Health Therapist - Dental Education

Tell us a little about your career in the dental industry so far?

I graduated from Melbourne Uni in 2007. My first job was with the school dental service in regional Victoria. I then spent 5 years overseas living, travelling, and working in various dental roles in the UK, the Caribbean, and Canada. I returned to Melbourne in 2014 and have worked with Maven and in a specialised periodontal practice ever since.

What does the role of Oral Health Therapist involve?

An Oral Health Therapist combines the roles of a dental therapist, who can diagnose and provide restorative treatment on patients up to the age of 25, and a dental hygienist, who predominantly specialises in the treatment and prevention of gum diseases in patients of all ages.

If you could only give one piece of advice to your patients, what would it be?

Use interdental brushes every day! Check with your hygienist that you are using the correct size. The brushes should feel quite snug between the teeth rather than passing through too loosely.

Annabelle Crooke - Maven Dental South Yarra - Oral Health Therapist

What is the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

Working with indigenous communities in remote Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Describe your life only using movie titles.

All Good Things (2010).

Tell us something that nobody knows about you?

I’ve visited 56 countries in my travels.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love any adventures that get me out of the city. I ski a lot in the winter and spend a lot of time down the Bellarine Peninsula in the summer.

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