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In The Chair with Dr Hannah Lock


The spotlight this week has turned to Dr Hannah Lock from our dental practice in Southport on the Gold Coast - Maven Dental Southport

Dr Hannah took the time to sit 'in the chair' with us to chat about dentistry, specifically what inspired her to start in the dental industry and what toothbrush she uses. Read the full article below:

In The Chair with Dr Hannah Lock - Southport Dentist at Maven Dental Southport

So Hannah, what inspired you to get into dentistry?

One of the main things with dental is that it is such a good combination of science-based learning and artistic flair. It brings together a good combination of all-round disciplines which I really love, not to mention the day to day interactions with my patients is very rewarding.

What would you say is the most rewarding moment in your career so far?

It gets me every time, but it's when a patient appreciates the changes we have been able to achieve with their dental treatment. Whenever I've completed an aesthetic makeover or even if I've had a few treatment appointments with a patient - and sometimes it's not that big of a change with their teeth - they finally get the opportunity to feel like they have improved their oral health and have taken control of their dental condition. They sometimes end up in tears and so do I, I'm such a softy! It's nice when people really appreciate what you've done for them, it feels good.


So you see a lot of people build their confidence? 

Yes definitely! I have one lovely patient that I have been seeing for probably 8 years now and he had always talked about replacing his front crowns because it was something of which he was self-conscious. We finally were in a position where we were able to fix it, and every time he comes in now he is beaming from ear to ear. Alicia (Practice administrator) told me that he's a different person. Beforehand he was quite reserved and not wanting to talk that much, whereas now he is chatting away and flashing his smile at every chance.

If you could give your patients one piece of advice, what would it be?

I think the biggest thing is that the first step is the hardest. A lot of people put off having their dental treatment. But if they could make the first step to come in and let us have a look at it and get a treatment plan together, then it's a lot more manageable. Once you put it in our hands we can look after you.

What toothbrush and toothpaste do you use?

I'm not a huge brand person, so as long as it's a soft bristle toothbrush with the smallest head I can find. For toothpaste, it varies more on what condition the teeth are in, we'll discuss this at your appointment.

What makes Dr Hannah smile?

At the moment it's my wedding planning. It's happening in May and I'm really excited about that. There's a lot of decisions that come up that you don't even realise you have to make, but it's exciting for me.

That is exciting! Where are you getting married? 

Up in Maleny on the Sunshine Coast. There's a nice venue there, it's a little chapel with a glass window that looks out over the Glasshouse Mountains. The picture setting there is going to be gorgeous.


Learn more about Dr Hannah Lock and her dental practice at Maven Dental Southport or enjoy the ease of booking your dental appointment online with her and her friendly team.