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Sleep Screening Castle Hill - Maven Dental Castle Hill
Can't remember the last time you slept through the night?
Keeping your partner up with your snoring? 

Maven Dental Castle Hill are offering FREE Sleep Screening Consults

It's an easy test, completed overnight in the comfort of your own home!

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Our HOME sleep SCREENING device, the Medibyte Jnr measures oxygen, heart rate, chest effort, snoring, body position and a few other simple measurements. This means that we can get some objective data based on one night sleep screening in a comfortable home environment. We can diagnose your data to only refer the patients who have obvious clinical signs and symptoms of Sleep Apneoa, saving you from visiting a specialist if it isn't necessary.
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*Terms and Conditions - Sleep Screening Consultation

  • Offer available only to new and existing patients of Maven Dental Castle Hill.
  • One FREE Sleep screening per person. 
  • If calling to book your appointment, please mention offer at time of booking
  • Offer subject to available appointments with participating clinicians at Maven Dental Castle Hill.