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Dr Tom Valmadre

Dr Tom Valmadre

Associate Dentist

Joining the team at Maven Dental Plateau in 2019, Dr Tom Valmadre believes in a holistic approach to dentistry and enjoys educating his patients about the difference a healthy mouth can make to their overall well-being. Dr Tom loves both the service and technical aspects of dentistry. He feels there are very few roles that allow such detail oriented work that also lead to a profound relief of pain and suffering in the lives of others.

Dr Valmadre is very grateful to have worked across the breadth of the dental profession. Tom graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2007 and a Graduate Diploma of Clinical Dentistry in 2009. Before making the move to Alstonville, he worked for private practice and spent several years working at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital. Dr Valmadre is also passionate about volunteer work and has spent time providing aide to communities in Timor Leste.

Tom's primary clinical interests are around surgical procedures, especially placing dental implants to replace teeth, as this allows a deeper connection to the experience of the natural beauty found within the human body. Along these same threads, Dr Valmadre also enjoys cosmetic procedures as this allows him the opportunity to work with nature’s own geometry to enhance the aesthetics of patients, often resulting in profound transformation in the way they enjoy life.

Away from Maven Dental Plateau, Tom leads a calm and health focused life. He spends most of his time enjoying the beauty of the natural world and developing his yoga and meditation practice. Dr Valmadre finds deep satisfaction in being of service to his community through compassionate care and is excited to be apart of such a beautiful community here in Northern NSW.

Keep up to date with Dr Tom Valmadre on Instagram - @thedavincidentist