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Fillings at Maven Dental Brunswick 

Often there are no symptoms of caries or tooth decay! However symptoms that indicate you may need a dental filling (also known as restorations) can include, but are not limited to, sensitivity of the tooth to pressure or sugary foods, toothache or pain (can be a sharp or throbbing pain), a hole in the tooth that you can see or feel, or floss that keeps tearing in a particular spot.

Our Maven Dental Brunswick dentists will check if you need fillings as part of a full examination which may also include x-rays if necessary. If a filling is required, our dentists will remove decay from inside the tooth, and fill the cavity with one of a wide range of filling materials.

Fillings - Dental Treatment
It is important that you regularly see a dentist because not all decay and problems give rise to any symptoms or pain. In fact, most start silently in the early stages and if picked up early can mean a simple, cost-effective and less invasive treatment instead of a more expensive and complex procedure if left untreated. Prevention is key, so ask yourself when you last had a full dental exam and x-rays and call our friendly team at Maven Dental Brunswick to book an appointment if it has been longer than 12 months.

What types of fillings are there?
When new cavities need attention, or old fillings need replacement, you have a number of choices for the type of filling to be used:

Composite or White fillings
Composite fillings are by far the most popular fillings in Australia because of their excellent natural appearance and strength. A composite filling is selected to match the colour of your teeth as closely as possible. They are almost impossible to detect and are an excellent replacement for stained, chipped or leaking fillings.

Inlays or Onlays
Can be gold or porcelain. Porcelain is a ceramic material that is matched to the tooth colour to provide a cosmetic result. It is a material designed for use on back teeth, and is cemented into the tooth cavity with a special, powerful adhesive that increases the strength of the bond. The porcelain filling is extremely strong and wear resistant. It can last indefinitely, provided you do not get a new cavity underneath it, or abuse your teeth.

I have a black filling, can my dentist replace it?
If you have a black filling it is most likely amalgam, which a majority of dentists can replace in one simple appointment. Whether you would like your amalgam filling replaced for health, functionality or cosmetic reasons, you will love the look and feel of your tooth once you have it replaced with a white material. 

Looking for a dentist that offers dental fillings in Brunswick - Contact our friendly team at Maven Dental Brunswick on 03 9388 1580 or visit us at 200 Brunswick Road, Brunswick, Vic.

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