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Cerec restoration at Maven Dental Noosa Junction 

18 Months Interest Free* Payment Plans - CEREC Restorations (Same day crowns)A selection of our Maven Dental Group practices offer Cerec - a revolutionary, state-of-the-art method of creating fillings, crowns and bridges from a ceramic material. In very basic terms, this technology uses 3D imaging to analyse the space that needs to be filled, generates the shape using specialist software and then mills the shape out of a ceramic block to the exact dimensions gauged by the diagnostic equipment. It can then be instantly bonded into place, making the process quicker, more accurate, less invasive for the patient and allows for a lot of work to be carried out at once. 

Why is Cerec better than normal fillings?

In the past, a material called amalgam was used to fill in gaps left by decay. You might have some amalgam fillings, or notice others with them as they are very obvious in a person’s mouth due to their black colour. Now, materials such as composite and ceramic are used for fillings as they are more durable, less obvious and do not have any perceived health risks, as the mercury based amalgam may. Composite materials are far better than using amalgam, however this method is performed completely manually by your dentist, meaning human error is possible in the shaping, quality and comfort of the filling. Cerec eliminates this risk which overall increases your comfort and peace of mind.

Is Cerec right for me?

Anyone can take advantage of the Cerec system, depending on its’ availability at your preferred dental practice. As the technology is still quite new, it is not yet a staple of the everyday dental clinic, however, as the year's progress and the technology becomes more accessible you can expect it to pop up regularly. Fillings are definitely one of the most common dental treatments so any way dentists can streamline and simplify this process will be to the benefit of patients and dentists alike. 

Looking for a dentist that offers Cerec restorations in Noosa Junction- Contact our friendly team at Maven Dental Noosa Junction on 07 5447 3988 or visit us at Shop 9 Lanyana Arcade , Lanyana Way, Noosa Junction, QLD.

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