Dentistry in Elwood

Teeth Straightening Options

Here at Dentistry in Elwood, we offer a great range of teeth straightening solutions to people of Melbourne. Our teeth straightening solutions include Invisalign, Six Month Smiles, Digital Smile Design and Fast Braces. Learn more about each of the services below.

Digital Smile Design 

What is Digital Smile Design?
Utilising the latest in technology, Digital Smile Design is a treatment planning solution that assists you in achieving your dream smile. Incorporating you as the co-designer of your new smile, this cosmetic solution allows you to visualise how your smile will look before commencing any treatment. The technology behind Digital Smiles Design also takes into consideration your facial and dental proportions and uses high quality images/videos to understand the relationship between your teeth, gums, lips, smile and other facial features. This analysis allows you to make informed decisions about the design of your dream smile.

The Digital Smile Design process?

  • Initial consultation
  • Images and videos
  • Smile design
  • Review and approval
  • Mock up
  • Review and approval
  • Cosmetic treatment

(please contact Dr Mark Peddey regarding the actual process of Digital Smiles Design as this may vary from patient to patient)

Fast Braces

What is Fast Braces?
Fast Braces is an orthodontic solution that embodies a unique system to realign and straighten teeth. Through innovative triangular brackets and specially designed square shaped wires, Fast Braces is able to realign the crown and root simultaneously. (Traditional braces tend to reposition crowns and roots separately and in two stages)

This treatment helps patients address the following dental issues:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Rotated/crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Asymmetrical smiles

The technology behind Fast Braces sees treatments being completed in 3 months to a year; some patients even seeing results within a few weeks. Please note that these timelines are a guide only and that results may vary for each individual.

How do I know if I qualify for Fast Braces?
Fast Braces is suitable for both adults and children who wish to address cosmetic concerns they have about their smiles. It also presents as a great option for anyone seeking an orthodontic solution that is cost and time effective. To discover if Fast Braces is the right solution for you, arrange a consultation with Dr Mark Peddey.

Unfortunately patients requiring significant orthodontic correction or facial profile changes are not suitable candidates for this type of treatment. Additionally, anyone with active dental or periodontal disease with significant bone loss should not consider Fast Braces.

Please note that Fast Braces is not a substitute for comprehensive orthodontics.

Six Month Smiles - Clear Braces

What is Six Month Smiles?
Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic orthodontic solution that uses custom made clear braces to focus on straightening your teeth that show when you smile. This treatment can work in six months, although times may vary for each individual (some patients seeing results in four to nine months), making this a quick teeth straightening solution for many.

The time effective solution can address a number of cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Rotated/crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth

For patients who don't want to commit to comprehensive orthodontic treatment, our six month braces solution serves as a great alternative and helps address any cosmetic concerns they may have around their smiles.

What are the benefits?
Our clear braces offers the benefits of:
Shorter treatment time compared to comprehensive orthodontic treatments
More subtle appearance (clear brackets, tooth coloured wires)

If you are considering Teeth Straightening options, please book a consult with our team to discuss the treatment best suited to you.