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Facial Aesthetics In Inner West Sydney

In addition to creating beautiful smiles, the team at Maven Dental Inner West Sydney are also able to assist you in achieving a younger look through the use of facial injectables. Many patients begin to notice prominent lines and wrinkles around their facial muscles as they age and start to seek out cosmetic solutions to help minimise these imperfections.

Our cosmetic dentists here in Burwood are highly skilled and trained in providing injectable wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers (injectable gel) which help target the signs of aging. These temporary cosmetic solutions are the perfect alternative for patients not wanting to undergo serious intervention.


Why get injectables at the dentist?

Although it might seem unusual for a dentist to offer facial injectables as a treatment option, there are a number of reasons why they might be a logical choice:

  • Dentist are highly trained and experienced in understanding the facial anatomy.
  • We analyse faces daily and are particularly familiar with the mobility and muscles that are potentially affected by injectables.
  • We are familiar and experienced with injections, performing these regularly when administering anaesthetics.
  • We are discreet. No one will ever suspect you received a cosmetic injectable procedure at the dentist.

Facial Aesthetic Procedures at Maven Dental Inner West Sydney

Here at Maven Dental Inner West Sydney our cosmetic dentists offer the following facial aesthetic procedures:

A Natural-Looking Result

In just 30 minutes, facial injectables can help enhance your smile and restore your youthful appearance. Typically results will last between three to six months, however results may vary with each patient. Our highly experienced dental team can help you determine what the right areas are to focus on to deliver an incredible, natural-looking result.

Got a question about Injectables? Ask a question below and one of our friendly dentists will be back in touch very soon. 

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