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Dr Fiby Kelada Saad

Dr Fiby Kelada Saad

Associate Dentist

Dr Saad graduated with her Bachelor Degree in Dentistry in 2001 and began practising in multiple clinics in Egypt before going on to obtain her American Dental Board examinations certificate from the USA. After marrying, she made the move to Dubai where she continued to work as a dentist in one of the branches of the prestigious Tower clinics.

In 2011, Dr Saad completed her ADC exams and became registered as a dentist in Australia and moved to South Australia. She has worked across a number of practices including Hove Dental and Blackwood Family Dental Care.

Over her 17 years of practising dentistry in different countries alongside many clinicians, Dr Saad has had the opportunity to explore different dental approaches and gain experience in all aspects of dentistry. Areas including restorative dentistry, Endodontics, cosmetic procedures and prosthodontic work.

Dr Saad believes that professional ethics and treating patients like family are fundamental basics to dentistry. She is committed to providing her patients with positive dental experiences and is also fluent in Arabic, French and English.

Away from work, Dr Saad spends her time with her husband and three beautiful daughters. She likes composing theatre scripts for kids plays and teaching in Sunday school at her local church.