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WIN Lingual Braces 

Show your smile... not your brace, with WIN lingual braces.

WIN lingual braces - invisible bracesWIN braces is a lingual orthodontic solution that uses a fixed brace, bonded to the inner surface of the teeth, to correct misaligned teeth. Just in the same way that conventional fixed braces work, WIN lingual braces offers full control and movement of your teeth to help achieve your treatment goals.

As a completely customised lingual appliance, WIN braces are designed to suit your individual needs and requirements. With each bracket and archwire designed to perfectly adapt to the tooth shape, this orthodontic treatment offers a more comfortable and flat design compared to some alternative options.
Invisible Braces - WIN Lingual Orthodontics
Benefits of WIN lingual braces:
  • Predictable results
  • Improved comfort through a flat design
  • Suitable for simple and complex cases
  • Custom-made, individual solutions for individual problems
  • Reduced tooth damage
  • Engineered and made in Germany with precision manufacturing
Who is a suitable candidate for WIN braces?
WIN lingual braces is a suitable option for both adolescents and adults with simple to complex orthodontic cases. To find out if WIN braces is the right solution for you, please arrange an appointment with Dr Jasprit Nirmal Singh. As a provider for WIN braces, Dr Jasprit Nirmal Singh will be able to assess whether this treatment will provide you with maximum benefit and design a custom treatment plan for you. 

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