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Maven Dental Group


The steps to becoming a part of the Maven Dental Group

1. Telephone Conversation

Our recruitment team will get in touch to get to know more about yourself, discuss Maven Dental Group and practices you are interested in.

2. Clinical & Practice Face to Face Conversation

Meet us, the team within the practice! Look around and envision yourself at the practice working alongside the team. Discuss the benefits of Maven Dental further and how we can support your clinical skills.

3. The Contract

After meeting us, our Talent Acquisition Specialist will chat to you about working with us and our contract “facilities and service agreement."  If everything is great, you will get a copy of the contract to sign and return.

4. Marketing Support

Our Maven Dental Support Centre Marketing Team will assist you with local area communication, announcing your arrival at the practice.

5. Induction & Start in the Practice

On your first day you will be introduced to your team and any tool and resources you need to set yourself up to succeed


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