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Continual Pursuit of Clinical Excellence

Through the sharing of knowledge and collaboration within the Maven Dental network of clinicians, the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) works together to help develop clinical best practice and work to encourage all clinicians to strive for their best. The CAB’s purpose is focused on the delivery of great clinical and personal experiences for all patients attending our practices, as well as assisting to create an engaging environment for our clinical teams.


Clinical Advisory Board

The Maven Dental Group Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) is fundamental to the long-term success of our business. The CAB is an independent committee dedicated to the clinical needs of our group, comprised of Maven Dental Group clinicians and chaired by Dr Fred Calavassy with the support of the MDG Senior Management Team.
Board Chair, Dr Fred Calavassy, joined the CAB because he wanted to assist in not only the growth of Maven Dental Group but, more importantly, the provision of excellence in dental care to all patients, on a daily basis.
“As Chair of the Clinical Advisory Board, I don’t want to lose sight of the fundamentals of good clinical practice – excellence in patient care, satisfaction of the team in the provision of excellence and collaboration to further our pursuit of excellence,” Dr Calavassy said.
The board acts as a collaborative body for our dentists to provide meaningful input into and contribution towards the direction of our group and the industry as a whole. 


Meet Our CAB

  • Dr Fred Calavassy

    Dr Fred CalavassyCAB Chairman/Principal Dentist

  • Dr Theo Baisi

    Dr Theo BaisiLead Orthodontist

  • Dr Claude Capelli

    Dr Claude CapelliPrincipal Dentist

  • Dr Mark Cull

    Dr Mark CullPrincipal Dentist

  • Dr Rachel Garraway

    Dr Rachel GarrawayPrincipal Periodontist

  • Dr Lauren Gill

    Dr Lauren GillAssociate Dentist

  • Dr Campbell Roberts

    Dr Campbell RobertsLead Dentist

  • Dr Ahmed Wahba

    Dr Ahmed WahbaLead Dentist

  • Dr Marguerite Reith

    Dr Marguerite ReithClinical Advisor


Continually reviewing and staying abreast of new procedures, products and technology whilst also providing best practice recommendations to the group, the CAB also provides solid clinical perspective across a wide range of issues. 
Included in the remit of the CAB is the development and presentation of clinical content not only for the Maven Dental Group conferences but quite often for international markets as well.  Many of the CAB clinicians are well respected and sought after, international keynote speakers on topics as diverse as the patient journey to complex cosmetic procedures.
In 2015, The Maven Dental Group CAB produced the ‘Clinical Best Practice Manual’. A hard copy publication of ‘best practice’ approach to many of the common aspects of clinical delivery spanning the spectrum from ‘diagnosis and treatment planning’ all the way through to ‘crown insertion’.

The CAB also delivers progressive clinical content to the network’s clinicians and provides guidance and assistance with the functional implementation of cutting edge methodologies and technologies, sparing individual practices the rigours of comprehensive testing and due diligence.
Similarly, a catalogue of endorsed products has been tested for quality and consistency and closely scrutinised by the CAB to provide the network with a range of products that can be used confidently in the practice, known as the ‘CAB Endorsed Product Range’.  This product range is constantly being reviewed and tested to ensure that maximum quality and value is being delivered to our Maven Dental Group clinicians.  


The members of the Maven Dental Group CAB not only provide direct mentorship to the clinical network but also support Lead Clinicians in their endeavours to mentor their own associates and practice support teams.
Maven Dental Group are currently piloting a formalised mentoring and development program designed to assist Lead Clinicians and Associates benefit from the vast array of collective knowledge that is the Maven Dental Group network. Focusing not only on excellence in clinical delivery but also leadership and patient experience, the development program will facilitate shred learnings and career progression paths.