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Niraaz Thapa

Niraaz Thapa

Dental Hygienist

Niraaz Thapa recently joined the Maven Dental Greenwood team as one our hygienists in 2017. Since graduating from the University of Newcastle in 2011, Niraaz has gained valuable experience working outside of Sydney in both general and high care mobile dentistry. Being exposed to the multiple facets of dentistry in these roles has allowed him to gather experience working with a range of patients and their varying needs.
Niraaz is highly motivated in his role and ensuring every one of his patients has positive experiences during their appointment. He understands that his patients all have different needs and anxieties about their visit, and ensures they are all put to rest. Niraaz is very passionate about the overall care of his patients and is always attending seminars and conferences that explore the connections of dentistry to other aspects of a patients wellbeing - all while ensuring that his techniques and knowledge is kept current.
Outside of hygiene, Niraaz enjoys exposing himself to the technological world, helping others with all their IT needs. He also is an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club in the English Premier League, and he does his part for the sport by coaching the younger generation at his community soccer club.