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Dental Health Funds - Maven Dental Group


Wondering what dental you're covered for?

Dental insurance varies depending on your health fund, the type of cover (e.g. family, singles), and your level of health cover.

To understand what dental services are covered under your health policy it's best to get in contact with your health fund directly. 

Your health fund may cover part, or all, of your general dental, oral surgery, or major dental procedure. Make sure you take advantage of your health benefits before they expire!

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Preferred Health Fund Providers

What's a Preferred Health Fund Provider?

Our network of practice's here at Maven Dental partner with a wide range of health providers.

Being a preferred provider of a health fund means that our dental practices may allow it's health fund members to access exclusive benefits dependant on your level of cover. 

Private health insurance can vary from one health fund to the next. Before booking your appointment it's always good to check your health fund policy to determine how much cover you will receive from your private health insurer. 

Preferred health providers vary from practice to practice. Please get in touch with your local Maven Dental practice to find out their full list of preferred health funds before booking your appointment.