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Maximise your health cover
in 2019


Have your dental health benefits renewed? 

Many health funds in Australia reset their benefits at the end of each calendar year. Make sure you use all of your available exam and cleans or additional dental extras, don’t let them go to waste, book your dental appointment today. 


How to Find Out Your Level of dental cover

Wondering what dental cover you have?

Health cover varies from one fund to the next, and from family to family. To understand what dental work is covered by your health insurance it is best to get in contact with them directly. Your health fund may cover part, or all, of your general dentistry appointment or a major dental treatment. Make sure you take advantage of your health benefits before they expire!

How do I book my dental appointment to use my health cover benefits?

We recommend booking your appointment either by booking your dental appointment online at your closest dental practice or by phone.


Dental Health Benefits Cover - No Gap Dental in Australia

Preferred Health Fund Providers

Preferred Health Fund Providers

Our practices here at Maven Dental Group partner with a selection of health providers. 

Being a provider of a health fund means that our dental practices may allow its health fund members to access its exclusive benefits, depending on your level of cover. Private insurance cover can be quite different from one provider to the next. To determine how much cover you will receive from your private insurance cover please check your health fund policy. 

Find your preferred health fund below and then find a Maven Dental Group practice, or simply call us and we will give you all the details.

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Dental Health Benefits Cover - No Gap Dental in Australia