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Have you used all of your dental health cover benefits this year?

Your benefits may be expiring on 31st December. Many health funds in Australia reset their benefits at the end of each calendar year and unfortunately they do not roll over into the new year. If you have not used all of your available exam and cleans or additional dental extras, don’t let them go to waste, book an appointment today. Make sure you book in as soon as possible because the end of the year is a very busy time for our practices and we want you to get the most out of your health cover.

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Preferred Health Fund Providers

Preferred Health Fund Providers

Our practices here at Maven Dental Group partner with a selection of health providers. 

Being a provider of a health fund means that our dental practices may allow its health fund members to access its exclusive benefits, depending on your level of cover. Private insurance cover can be quite different from one provider to the next. To determine how much cover you will receive from your private insurance cover please check your health fund policy. 

Find your preferred health fund at a Maven Dental Group practice closest to you to book in before the end of the year.