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1/956 Hunter Street, Newcastle West, NSW, 2302

P: 02 4961 4402

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Maven Dental Newcastle is the provision of high quality health care with a focus on dental needs utilising the latest philosophies, materials and techniques that provide for the 21st century society that is generally living longer than previous generations.

What Makes Maven Dental Newcastle Different?
Using the latest technologies and continual education allows us to address the evolving needs of a population that is living longer. Modern dentistry has to acknowledge that wear and tear is becoming a significant issue with as much importance to address as dental decay and periodontal disease. Also the frailties of age dictate a recognition from both sides of the medical and dental worlds of the impact of treatments on general well being.
Dentist in Newcastle - Maven Dental Newcastle
These circumstances demand a change in the philosophies of dentistry from the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's towards prevention, longer lasting therapies and regard for the impacts of treatments if they fail when patients are older. Philosophically we are different with the engagement of latest technology allowing us to provide care tuned to that philosophy with convenience of time and cost to our patients.

Your Patient Experience:

The Waiting Room
  • Feel welcomed from the moment you arrive at our practice as we greet you by name
  • Relax before your dental appointment in our comfortable and cosy waiting area
  • Enjoy access to the latest magazines or watch our tv
  • The children can enjoy our toys and games
  • Enjoy our refreshment amenities that may include complimentary toothbrushes/paste
  • We also burn essential oils, to make you feel more relaxed and at ease

During Treatment

  • Keep refreshed throughout your appointment with water
  • Keep comfortable with our neck/back pillows during your treatment
  • Our dental practice offers private consultation rooms for your comfort
  • Our dental treatment rooms are equipped with ceiling tv's to keep you occupied during your treatment
  • We will offer you a complimentary toothbrush/paste with your appointment
  • New patients will receive a free hygiene pack
Post Treatment
  • Receive a patient information pack and a take home copy of your dental treatment plan
  • For all major treatments, our friendly team follow up with a courtesy call to ensure everything is going well and to answer any post-treatment questions you might have