In the Chair | 26 September, 2018

In the Chair with Dr Neil Christensen

After working and living in the UK, Dr Neil Christensen and his wife Jenny started Lifestyle Family Dental Care (now Maven Dental Tor Street) in the heart of Toowoomba. We got Neil 'In the Chair' got his thoughts on the evolution of the dental industry, patient expereinces, and his hidden talents in woodwork. 

What do I like about Toowoomba?

After living and working in the UK, Jenny and I took a liking to cooler weather and Toowoomba offers a comprehensive inland city with all the amenities on offer. My parents also grew up here and Toowoomba was our school holiday destination when my grandparents were alive.

How did you find yourself working as a dentist?

Helping other people has always been a strong emotion for me, and dentistry is an area that allows me to do that. My brother is a dentist too and I suppose I followed in his footsteps.

We know you like to incorporate the latest developments in dentistry into your practice. Is it challenging to keep up with them all in such a dynamic industry?

Dentistry is fast becoming a technological exercise with scanners and three dimensional imaging, and it is hard to keep a current understanding of all the possible treatments available. Having said that, no one clinician can expect to be able to offer every new option as it becomes available. The large group practice is the way of the future where a client can be offered a comprehensive treatment plan coordinated between multiple clinicians. 

When it comes to providing positive patient experiences, what would you say are the top 3 things you do to achieve this?

A calm and friendly atmosphere is the first strength of our clinic. From the first phone contact to the last treatment I feel it is important to be relaxed and confident. Patients, I find, are then also much less anxious. Along with this I try to listen to each patient and provide what it is they are seeking. Lastly, a simple and comprehensive explanation of each individual’s needs, as seen by me, is given so that an informed decision can be made and good long term health outcomes can be achieved.

What inspired you to get into wood craft, or have you always been good at?

Well yes, I play around with small projects. These range from frames for Jenny’s paintings to larger landscaping projects around the house. Eventually I will have the time to start something more complex in the furniture or toy range, for our grandchildren most likely. My father was a farmer and could turn his hand to fixing most things in farm life and from a young age I was encouraged to fiddle around in his work shed. I then inherited most of his tools which I now need to learn how to use correctly. More available time might also see me on the golf course again.

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