Wellness Tips | 06 July, 2018

Are You Getting the Most out of Your Private Health Fund?

Let’s be honest, the ins and outs of private health insurance can be complex and, quite frankly, a little bit mind-numbing. But getting a handle on what your insurance policy covers, as well as what added benefits are available to you, can make a huge difference to your dental - and overall - wellbeing.
Discover how your health fund works, what extra services are out there and how you can use it all to your advantage ...

Are you getting the most out of your health fund?

As it turns out, many people are shelling out for private policies and wasting their hard-earned money on insurance they simply never get around to using. Many funds will operate on a year-to-year basis and start afresh on January the 1st. Because there are no rollovers into the next year, that means no accumulation and all those lost benefits!
So, do you know what you’re paying for monthly and yearly? It’s a good idea to dip into the details of your fund, or give your provider a call to find out what you’re covered for annually. For example, a basic dental policy could include two check-ups within a calendar year, so you can happily keep up with the recommended half-yearly trips to your dentist. Find out what you’ve got and don’t let those visits go to waste. After all, you’ve paid for it!

What is Extras Cover?

Extras Cover is a policy for medical treatments that happen outside of the hospital and aren’t covered by Medicare - think eye checks, trips to the chiropractor and visiting your dentist for a clean. Medicare might not cover the costs, so without a private health fund, these services might be quite expensive.
The four most common areas of medical treatment that people use their Extras Cover for in Australia:

  • Dental 
    • This category can generally be split into three types of cover.
    • - General (bi-annual clean and check-up, X-rays, fillings, wisdom teeth removal, teeth removal)
    • - Major (root canal treatment, dentures, implants, crowns and bridges, complex surgery)
    • - Orthodontic (braces, retainers)
  • Optic
    • Prescription lenses, contact lenses, glasses frames and lens coatings
  • Physiotherapy
    • Rehabilitation for disabilities, chronic conditions and injuries.
  • Chiropractic
    • Hands on physical manipulation and realignment of bones, with a focus on the spine.

But while Extras Cover is great for these areas of care, it still may not cover the whole fee and there may still be some out-of-pocket expenses involved. That’s where a service like No Gap really saves the day.

No Gap, No Problem!

A “gap” payment is what we call those out-of-pocket expenses that we all want to avoid - the amount you pay above and beyond what your insurer will cover. Dental health practices that offer a No Gap service, like Maven Dental Group, won’t pass any “gap” payments onto you. That means you can pop in for a regular consultation with peace of mind, knowing that you can keep up with those important six-monthly cleans and check-ups without coming away with any unexpected fees.

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