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About Maven Dental Group

At Maven Dental Group, we are dedicated to offering quality dental care from expert dental teams nationwide. We pride ourselves on consistency, patient comfort and professionalism so no matter where you are, you know you’ll be in safe hands.


We're building something great

At Maven Dental Group we believe passionately that everyone deserves the very best dental care, so we’ve built one of the Australia's largest dental health organisations consisting of 115+ general and specialist dental practices. 

Initially launched in 2008 as a small group of dental practices under the name Dental Partners, we are now part of a dental network that not only consists of 115+ practices across Australia, but as part of the Abano Healthcare Group where we have a Trans-Tasman network of approximately 225 practices. 

This scale gives us the opportunity to give value back to you and our network of practices, which smaller dental groups or individual practices cannot achieve. Our practices are supported by very experienced and capable teams in HR, Marketing, Finance and IT, enabling clincians to focus on what they do best – provide great dental care for you, our patients. As a patient, you will always enjoy all the benefits of a local dentist, supported by a network of experts.


Connecting dentists and patients

Our people are experts in their fields, great collaborators, fair-minded and most importantly, humanitarians at heart and are proud to be part of a dental network developing and implementing best practice initiatives that support healthy, happy communities. 

Whatever your stage in life, we believe in providing the best dental care for all patients and will not settle for anything less than the very best in oral health care. 

We're your dentists for life.

Be part of our collective knowledge.
Maven Dental Group - About Us


We're on the cutting edge of modern dentistry

We want to know you as a person, not just as a patient. We are here to work with you in achieving and maintaining a healthy, happy smile for life. Wherever you are, whenever you need us, we’re here to help you, not just when you experience pain, but to help you maintain good oral health.

We’ve built a supportive culture which empowers our people to confidently deliver exceptional service and care as experts in the dental industry. We're passionate about making a difference in improving oral health care all across Australia. 


Dentists -  Maven Dental Group


We are building something great … an enviable culture invested in dentistry for life.

We believe passionately that everyone deserves the very best dental care, so we’ve built one of the country’s largest dental health organisations consisting of 115+ general and specialist dental practices within Australia and 225 practices across the Trans-Tasman, as part of the Abano Healthcare Group.

We put our people first - not just our patients. We recognise that our success is a direct reflection of our people, so we’ve created an environment that facilitates professional development, knowledge exchange and learning.

We believe in ‘dentists for life’ and recognise that life-long learning is imperative in a world where technological advancement is driving rapid change. We offer ongoing training and development that empowers, rewards, inspires and provides access to cutting edge technologies. We’re building the next generation of bright leaders in dentistry.


Initially launched in 2008 under the name Dental Partners, as part of the Abano Healthcare Group, Maven Dental Group has grown to more than 100 general dental and specialist practices operating across Australia. 

Our approach has always been and will continue to be about delivering exceptional patient experiences by pursuing excellence in dentistry.

Our focus has been on building a network of discerning dentists and support teams who truly wish to provide the best care for all patients. We believe our collaborative approach to building on our collective knowledge over the years ensures we do not settle for anything less than the provision of the very best in dental care.

The establishment and growth of both our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) and Hygiene Development Committee (HDC) is fundamental to the long term success of our business, allowing us the opportunity to independently investigate, review and test legislation, protocols, technology and equipment to offer advancement for the profession.

These measures, which have evolved since our inception, have allowed us to stay abreast of new procedures, products and technologies whilst also supporting best practice recommendations with a solid clinical perspective across a wide range of issues.

With a consistent and enviable growth rate over the past 10 years, supported by a very experienced and extensive Support Centre, our practices are and will continue to enjoy the flexibility of maintaining their own identity whilst benefiting from the expertise and collective knowledge of belonging to a network.

With more than 800 clinicians throughout Australia and New Zealand, our organisation, under the ownership of Abano Healthcare - a publicly listed company with a solid reputation as a long term investor - has secured a proven track record in building a successful, trusted, sizable and well-resourced dental network.

We believe ongoing investment into our practices is essential in terms of delivering exceptional patient experiences. New fit-outs and investment into new technologies ensures our network of practices will continue to offer the latest in treatment solutions, whilst maintaining a competitive edge.