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Sleep Apnoea Appliances

Waking up tired? Snoring? Let’s discuss your dental treatment options!

Is disrupted, restless sleep or snoring impacting your life or even your partner’s? You may benefit from discussing this with your dentist to assess whether using a custom-made sleep apnoea dental appliance is for you.

If left untreated, sleep apnoea can lead to more serious health issues. Custom made dental appliances can be very effective in treating sleep apnoea, assisting with both snoring and insomnia. You may notice results immediately after the first use of the appliance, contributing to improved sleep and restored health.

What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep Apnoea, sometimes known as obstructive sleep apnoea or OSA, is a disorder where the muscles in the throat relax during sleep, causing the throat to collapse and result in your breathing stopping for short periods of time. When this occurs repeatedly throughout the night, sleep is often severely disrupted, and you may wake feeling fatigued and experience poor concentration.


Sleep Apnoea Symptoms

Some common symptoms of sleep apnoea include:

  • Poor sleep quality and difficulty staying asleep through the night
  • Tiredness and fatigue during the day
  • Poor concentration
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headaches and dry mouth when waking


What are Sleep Apnoea Appliances?

We want to assist you to get the sleep your body deserves at night, to rest and refresh. That’s why at Maven Dental we offer sleep apnoea appliances that are designed to help treat your sleep apnoea or similar sleeping conditions. These devices are worn while you sleep to hold your jaw in a forward position to keep airways open, allowing you to breathe normally.

Preparing for Your Sleep Apnoea Appliance Appointment

Appointments for sleep apnoea appliances

  • At least 2 appointments
  • At the consultation, your dentist will do a full examination and discuss treatment with you, followed by a scan or moulds of your teeth
  • At the next visit, your custom-made appliance will be fitted
  • Further appointments may be necessary to adjust your appliance and for best performance, we recommend regular dental check-ups


How long does it take to get a sleep apnoea appliance?

  • Sleep apnoea appliances can take a few weeks to make due to the fact they are custom-made to fit your mouth
  • The consultation will take around 60 minutes
  • The next visit for fitting your appliance will take around 60 minutes
  • Follow up appointments are usually between 15 and 30 minutes

You May Be Asked About

  • Your dental and medical history
  • Any problems you are experiencing for sleep apnoea or another sleep conditions


Do I need to prepare?

No special preparation is needed



  • You will feel a little discomfort while getting used to your appliance
  • You will need to follow care instructions as advised by your dentist



You will notice a difference after the first night wearing your sleep apnoea appliance. It must be worn each night to get the best results.


The cost of a sleep apnoea dental appliance will vary depending on the length and type of treatment necessary. If you have health insurance, your appliance may be covered under your policy. At your consultation, discuss with your dentist and we will be able to provide an estimated price for the best treatment plan.

Your dentist will assess with the best way to adjust to your sleep apnoea appliance. You may feel discomfort while adjusting to the fit of the appliance, however this should not last long.

At Maven Dental, we believe in analysing your overall oral health to assess beyond just your teeth to identify further issues. Some cases of sleep apnoea may need further assessment and a sleep study by a specialist. We recommend that you discuss this with your dentist to ensure that the best treatment is chosen for you.