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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Feel discomfort and tenderness in the gums and jaw? A Maven dentist can help!

When it comes to wisdom teeth, we know the pain you could be feeling. We are here to help and prevent wisdom teeth from further affecting your oral health. At Maven Dental practices across Australia, we offer Wisdom Tooth removal.

Need to Know


  • At least 2 appointments
  • At the consultation with your Maven dentist will listen to your concerns, examine your teeth and discuss the options with you
  • Should you need your wisdom teeth removed, either one or two additional appointments will be made.

How long it takes?

  • This depends on the number of wisdom teeth (1-4) to be removed.
  • Usually, the appointment will take around 30 to 60 minutes

You may be asked about

  • Your dental and medical history
  • Your symptoms
  • Your requirement for sedation or general anesthetic.

Quick Tip 

After wisdom teeth removal, it is normal to experience some swelling and discomfort. We recommend allowing yourself a few days to rest at home post-procedure.

Before your appointment

  • For the consultation, there is no special preparation needed.
  • Before the removal procedure; your Maven dentist will advise you of any pre-procedure requirements, including:
  • Pre-procedure medication (as prescribed)
  • Having someone accompany you to drive you to and from your appointment
  • Following any pre-sedation fasting instructions as given to you by your dentist (if required)

After your appointment

Your dentist will provide home care instructions to ensure a fast recovery, these may include:

  • Using ice packs as much as possible to reduce swelling during the first 48 hours
  • Being careful with hot food and drinks
  • Eating a soft food diet
  • Not smoking for as long as possible after surgery (ideally 3 days)

Any further post-procedure instructions will be provided by your Maven dentist.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek advice from an appropriately qualified health practitioner


The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary depending on the procedure necessary. Contact your local Maven Dental practice to book a consultation, your dentist will be able to assess your wisdom teeth and give you an estimation for the cost of removal.

Wisdom Teeth can sometimes come through in an awkward position or get stuck due to lack of space in the mouth. This may cause damage to the teeth beside them and they can be hard to clean, making them prone to decay and infection. To ensure we maintain your oral health, your Maven dentist may recommend it is best to remove your wisdom teeth.

Your Maven dentist will assess the procedure and discuss your best options for treatment. This will involve a local anaesthetic to numb the area, but may also include different sedation options to help you feel more relaxed during the procedure.

After the wisdom teeth removal, you may experience some discomfort and swelling which may last up to a week. You will be prescribed medication to assist with the pain. Please allow for rest and ensure that you follow your Maven dentist’s recommended post procedure care.