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Holistic Dentistry

The alternative approach to dental treatment. If you are after a natural approach for dental treatment, holistic dentistry could be the perfect choice for you.

At some Maven Dental practices across Australia, we have dentists that provide a holistic approach to dental treatment. We believe it is important to work with you through every step of the treatment plan, so you feel completely comfortable.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an alternative approach to dental treatment, designed to promote natural health and wellness. It involves considering the best dental care for you and understanding that the mouth is the gateway to the body. We believe that dentistry can play a supportive role in overall wellness, that’s why we’re the wellness people. We do this by considering restorative materials used and the wider health implications when choosing a dental treatment plan. 

What's Next?

Find out more information about your overall oral health and wellness and what part your oral health plays.