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Worn Teeth

Worn teeth is described as erosion, abrasion or gradual loss of tooth structure.

Your teeth are covered by a protective hard shell known as enamel. This outer layer provides protection for hot or cold food and drinks. Your tooth enamel can’t be replaced naturally but can be protected, preserved and sometimes even repaired. As adults, we get one set of teeth, so it is important to know the signs or wear and maintain regular visits with your dentist to stay on top of your oral health.

Symptoms of Worn Teeth

Worn teeth is known as the damage caused by dental erosion or abrasion. The signs of worn-down teeth are often visibly noticeable. These include;

  • Surface and edges of your teeth worn away
  • Yellow teeth due to enamel erosion
  • Increased sensitivity

Causes of Worn Teeth

Tooth erosion or abrasion typically occurs when there is too much acid present in your mouth, not giving enough time to repair itself and your enamel may slowly be worn away.

Some common contributing factors that can cause tooth erosion include;

  • Exposure to acidic food and drinks
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Brushing your teeth too hard
  • Teeth grinding

What's Next?

Learn more about some possible treatment options with your local Maven Dental practice. We recommend you book an appointment with a dentist to further discuss and provide expert advice on relieving your sensitivity and how you can achieve great oral health.


The cost associated with treating worn teeth varies depending on the condition of your teeth and the treatment required.  Contact your local Maven Dental practice to book a consultation, a dentist will be able to assess your teeth and give you the best treatment plan suited to your mouth and the cause of your worn teeth.

Worn enamel cannot be replaced naturally, at Maven Dental we believe prevention is key. We suggest regular visits to your Maven dentist so we can stay on top of your oral health. Some treatments help to rebuild the enamel surface such as fluoride treatments. Fillings and crowns may also be an option to protect your teeth against further wear or decay.

Yes. It all comes down to taking care of your oral health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Keeping on top of your at-home dental care and building a good relationship with your dentist or dental hygienist is essential for maintaining good health and managing causes of your worn teeth. 

We recommend daily healthy habits and regular visits to the dentist. For a healthy smile and overall good oral health:

  • Practice good oral hygiene habits at home including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once a day
  • Book routine hygiene & check-up visits with a dentist or dental hygienist ideally every 6 months or as advised by your dentist

We understand that some people feel anxious about visiting the dentist.  At Maven Dental, we work hard to make you feel comfortable and to create environments that feel safe and welcoming.  We also believe that communication is key and invite you to share any concerns you may have prior or upon arrival.

While everyone is different, we’ve created a list of tips that can help to reduce anxiety related to dentist visits – read more