Maven Dental Cairns City

General Anaesthetic Dental Facility and Recovery Suite

Maven Dental Cairns City is one of two practices in the Cairns region that offers their patients in-house general anaesthesia as a service. Equipped with a dedicated general anaesthetic facility and recovery suite, our Cairns City practice are able to provide you with a 'one-stop-shop' solution to an array of dental treatments and services.

General anaesthesia is generally administered to patients who:

  • need their wisdom teeth removed that may be too difficult to remove in-chair
    require extensive or complex dental surgery
  • suffer from a disability that may restrict the treatment provided to them in a general dental chair
  • have other advanced problems regarding their wisdom teeth, gums or jaw
  • do not wish to be awake during surgery or extensive treatment

Offering this service in-house enables our practice to provide you with a cost effective solution, eliminating additional hospital and day surgery charges. Each fortnight a highly qualified anaesthetic specialist visits the Cairns City practice in order to provide this service. Dr Slatcher and his highly skilled team also offer same day consultations and strive to schedule your general anaesthetic surgery at the next availability convenient to you.

For more information regarding this service, please contact the friendly Maven Dental Cairns City team on 07 4051 2500.