Whistleblower Policy

Last updated 16 April 2021

It's Safe to Speak Up

In accordance with recent legislation changes, Maven have introduced a new Whistleblowing Policy and a dedicated hotline which provides anyone with the opportunity to speak up concerning a suspected wrongdoing and offers protection and support. The launch of our new Whistleblower Policy highlights what is a reportable wrongdoing, the channels available to make a report and what protections and support are available to those that speak up.

Maven Dental Group is committed to providing a safe environment and a ‘safe to speak up culture’. in line with our values, anyone that partners with Maven is encouraged to speak up knowing that “we take the time to care” and your concerns will be handled sensitively without any reprisal. Maven’s Board and senior leadership team place great importance on enabling various avenues and support processes for anyone to speak up if they are concerned about something they have identified


Maven Whistleblower Policy

Maven have a comprehensive Whistleblower Policy designed to encourage and support people to report wrongdoings and know they are safe to reprisal or victimisation for doing so. Our Whistleblower Policy defines what type of wrongdoing can be reported. This includes;

  • A breach of regulations or laws;
  • Dishonest or corrupt conduct;
  • Constitutes misconduct or an improper state of affairs in relation to Maven;
  • Illegal activity;
  • Improper behaviour relating to accounting, internal accounting controls, actuarial, or audit matters;
  • Inappropriate behaviour including discriminatory, sexual harassment and other unethical behaviour

We encourage anyone to speak up and the Maven whistleblower reporting channels are available to any individual who is:

  • Team members (current or former)
  • Clinicians (under a facilities and services agreement or otherwise);
  • Suppliers;
  • Relatives or dependants of the above-mentioned; and


What should I do now and where can I access more information?

All team members and clinicians should familiarise themselves with the Whistleblower Policy. There are several ways our people and those partnering with Maven can report a wrongdoing and this includes:

  • Contact a member of the senior leadership team if you wish to report a concern under the policy (refer to Appendix 1 of the Policy)
  • Contacting the anonymous speak up hotline if they are uncomfortable going through internal channels