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Fast, efficient teeth straightening treatment

Encompassing innovative orthodontic techniques and borrowing the best from traditional orthodontics, Smilefast is a quick, affordable and discreet teeth straightening solution for adults.

What is Smilefast?

Smilefast is a cosmetic orthodontic solution that uses strategically placed clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to realign crooked teeth. It combines innovative and traditional orthodontic techniques with the latest 3D computer imaging to identify the ideal positioning of brackets on your teeth to help support a fast, predictable outcome.

How does it work?
Scan: To understand where your teeth currently are a scan or impression is taken of your teeth. This is then uploaded to the Smilefast portal where we can begin the treatment planning process.

Treatment Planning: Using the advanced software we are able to plan where your teeth will end up and where the best placement is for the brackets.

Placement: Once we work out the best location digitally for your brackets, we then use specialised custom trays to place them - ensuring precision.

Straightening it Out: With your brackets and wires in place, your teeth will begin to move efficiently into their desired positions. As a result of Smilefast's digital accuracy, the treatment time is shorter in comparison to other orthodontic treatments.

What is the average treatment time?

Focused on cosmetic alignment and improvement of your smile, Smilefast treatment generally takes between 6-9 months. In comparison, many traditional orthodontics and clear aligners can take anywhere between 12-24 months, possibly even longer.

Advantages of Smilefast

Quick: Not only is the treatment time significantly less than that of traditional methods but the placement of the braces can be completed in less than 90 minutes.
Accurate: The innovative technology behind Smilefast means your dentist can accurately place the brackets within the practice, saving you a visit to the orthodontist.
Affordable: Provided at your local Maven Dental Lismore practice means fewer appointments and a more affordable price point.
Discrete: Use of clear brackets and tooth coloured wires means Smilefast is a less noticeable teeth straightening solution compared to traditional metal braces.