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Accidents happen, especially when it comes to contact or high impact sports. We believe in protecting your mouth and teeth in the best way we can.


The best way to treat a dental trauma is to prevent it! Avoiding trauma can be a little out of our control but there are ways that we can reduce the damage to our teeth and mouth if we encounter an unexpected knock to the head or face.

At Maven Dental we recommend custom-made mouthguards for anyone playing contact sports. This includes sports such as all football codes, soccer, boxing, and hockey to name a few.

Sports are one of the most common causes of dental injury, and the cost of getting a tooth knocked out is far greater than the cost of getting a mouthguard. A well-fitting mouthguard provides protection to teeth and jaw joints and lessens the impact on contact.

Custom made mouthguards are an exact fit to your teeth and gums meaning you can talk normally. These mouthguards are tailor-made to your mouth so they are more comfortable and, more importantly, can be more effective compared to alternatives.


  • $99
  • Single Colour & Single Laminate
  • Normally $180!

Your Questions Answered

One of the most common dental injuries is a lost tooth. If a tooth is knocked out it's important to act quickly.

First things first, if you are at a sporting ground find the first aid officer or a ground official that can assist.

Rinse the tooth with milk to wash off any dirt. To increase its survival time, either immerse the tooth in milk or place it back in your mouth.

If your child has lost a baby tooth, do not place it back in the socket. Doing so can damage the new permanent tooth underneath.

Regardless of how damaged the tooth is, you should seek medical advice immediately.

For a fractured, chipped, or cracked tooth, reposition the tooth using very light finger pressure and hold in place with a moist tissue or gauze.

Try to find any broken or chipped away pieces and rinse them with milk to remove any dirt. If you cannot find the piece of tooth, contact your dentist immediately. Depending on how damaged the tooth is your dentist may be able to repair it.

Dr Troy Ridgwell, born and raised Perth local, joined the team at Maven Dental Morley as a friendly and passionate associate dentist. After graduating from a Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Western Australia in 2019, Dr Troy has worked in two private practices in the Perth Hills where he gained extensive clinical experience and knowledge.

As a dentist, Dr Troy has an interest in general dentistry and providing quality dental care to his patients. While highly experienced across a broad range of dental treatments, he is particularly fascinated in minimal invasive dentistry procedures where he is able to preserve as much of a patient’s natural tooth as possible.

Dr Troy is passionate about servicing his Perth community and finds great pleasure out of meeting different people and educating them to improve their oral health. Dr Troy firming believes that healthy teeth make a positive difference to overall health and wellbeing.

When he’s not talking teeth, Dr Troy enjoys taking trips in his camping trailer and having some ‘screen free’ time outdoors sightseeing, fishing, 4wding and exploring with his wife and two young children in nature. He also loves watching a good movie or tv show.