In the Chair | 12 October, 2020

In the Chair with Dr Laura Donohoe

This week 'In the Chair' we caught up with the newest addition to the Maven Dental Plateau Alstonville team, Dr Laura Donohoe, about the importance of preventative dentistry, what led her to move to Australia, and her passion for running.

You’re originally from Scotland – what inspired you to make the move to Australia?

Yes! Well apart from the obvious answer being - the weather! I visited Australia as part of my dental elective in University. This involved practicing dentistry in different parts of the world (I worked in Cambodia and India) and then added a holiday onto the end of my trip, which included touring Vietnam and then a week in Sydney with my friend. It was in this week that I fell in love with the country and knew I wanted to come back ASAP.

I had heard of a few people in years above me at University making the move out and was always envious. After graduating I planned to get a bit of experience behind me before considering moving. I then contacted a few dentist friends who had come out to Australia and asked them all about it and whether they recommended. They said there was no question it was the best move they made. Hearing of their experiences sealed the deal for me!


What gets you excited to come to Maven Dental Plateau, Alstonville every day?

The fun and welcoming nature of all my co workers and knowing I will be able to make a difference to someone's health/wellbeing in one way or another.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

"What’s for you won’t go by you"

What does wellness mean to you?

To me wellness means building a healthy body and a healthy mind through a good approach to fitness and diet without letting it control you. Being content with yourself and where you are. Spending time on checking in with yourself and knowing when you need to slow down. In saying this, it is all very easy to tell others but not so easy to follow myself!

How important is preventative dentistry and how do you help your patients understand the importance of prevention?

The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease. The better you prevent or deal with them early on, the more chance you will have of keeping your teeth for life. Preventative dentistry is the way of helping you keep a healthy mouth and means you need to have less dental treatment.

The most common forms of dental disease can be prevented through good oral hygiene, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Some dental issues are asymptomatic meaning you won’t feel anything but can still cause infection and need treatment. If you were to wait too long, the treatment needed may be more expensive than if the disease were caught before it worsened. The tooth has a lesser chance of being saved at a later point in time.

So prevention saves you both time and money in the long run!

We hear you love to compete in running races – what’s your PB? 

I love running and often enter into races and completely dread them until they are finished at which point I get a runners high and decide to enter another one! I’m definitely no elite but am very competitive. My half marathon PB is 1:29:29 and my 10K PB is 41:04. I’m desperate to improve these though. I got my half marathon PB in a race in the snow so I feel I must be able to beat it in more favourable conditions.

And last but not least, what makes you smile?

My family and spending time with friends. A glass of wine/prosecco or a G&T will always help. Oh and last but not least... Glasgow Celtic Football Club.

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