In the Chair | 28 February, 2018

In The Chair with Rebecca Simic

Meet the friendly and compassionate Practice Manager at Maven Dental Spring Hill - Rebecca Simic. Bec took some time to sit with us and share some insights into what she loves about working at our Spring Hill practice and what she enjoys about her job.

How long have you worked in the dental industry for? 

So I started in the dental field when I was 19 and I am 32 this year so it has been 13 years in total that I have been in the industry for and in August this year will be my 10th year in this practice working alongside Dr Randall March.


Obviously, you love this practice, what is so special about working here?

I really love working here. I like the treatments that we do and the way that Dr Randall sets his assistants up. He has made it really hard to want to go anywhere else, and I know all about our patients now so I would miss the interactions with them as well and hopefully, they would miss me also.

Md Spring Hill Bec Optimised

You mentioned that you like the treatments that you do, what are they exactly?

So Randall does a lot of CEREC treatments, which is one-visit crowns. What happens is the patient comes in and has everything prepped and designed, and we create it on the spot, and then we insert it for them.

I know that the patients really love this and as much as we do.  The whole process is quite interesting especially because it can be done that quickly.

What kind of patients come in for that treatment?

The patients we typically treat for CEREC are those who are short on time, they come in in their lunch breaks.

Just to give you some perspective - the whole treatment used to take up to a couple of weeks, so rather than taken impressions, which is where patients have to have their mouth filled with the impression-taking material might not be the greatest feeling for them, then the impressions would be sent away to the lab for them to create and send back. You’re basically looking at a couple of weeks before it comes back, and the patient would need to have another appointment booked. The whole process eliminates all of that because we do it in a lunch hour!

So if you are time poor, this is a great option. Some of our other patients may have kids and we have even had patients that travel from overseas or interstate to see Dr Randall. That way we can do as much as we can while they're here, and they don't have to go away with temporaries and things like that.

We also have an endodontist here at our practice – Dr Ralph Reed. Dr Reed does all of the root canals for us. These treatments are also one visit. To put that into perspective in how progressive this treatment is - this used to be a three-visit procedure. So with Dr Reed, you will come in, then it is all done there and then. And if it is required, Randall can put a crown on it, on the same day. So what would typically take around 6 months is done in one day!

So Bec you are the practice manager now, how long have you been in this position and was it always your goal?  

I think I've been in this role for maybe two years now. My goal was just to really enjoy the work that I was doing so my progression to practice manager has been completely natural I guess.

I am constantly learning all the time dealing with different people and different personalities, so it really keeps things interesting.

So much has changed from the time I started to now, which is a relatively small amount of time, but that goes to show you how much progression in the industry has happened.

People are constantly coming up with new techniques, products and methods and the great thing is that Dr March is very keen to stay abreast of these. That keeps things interesting for all of us and is part of what I love about my job.

What other parts of your job do you love?   

The patients of course and I find all the cool stuff for the kids to give them after their appointments. That and creating all the personal little touches to make people feel comfortable in our practice and want to keep coming back.  

Whether you're new to our Maven Dental Spring Hill practice or an existing patient, be sure to say hello to Bec at your next dental visit. If you're due for a check up, enjoy the convenience of booking your appointment online.