Wellness Tips | 08 March, 2021

5 reasons why we avoid visiting a dentist

You make a dentist appointment and cancel it. You have a toothache but ignore it. You’re worried about how much a dental visit will cost. You think the dentist will judge you for letting things go. You are afraid of dental procedures. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Cost. High prices are the major factor in preventing people from getting regular dental check-ups. ABS figures (2017-18) show that patients were more likely to delay seeing a dentist due to cost more than any other health professional. Around 18% of people who needed to see a dental professional, delayed seeing or did not see one due to cost.
  • Dental anxiety. Many people simply are afraid of visiting the dentist. The sounds of a dental drill, for example, are enough to keep many people away from a dentist. There’s also a very real condition called Dental phobia. An effective way to make the experience positive is to speak with your dentist about your fears. We’ve previously talked about dental anxiety in this article and in this one, we offer some great tips on calming your nerves. And, remember - communication is key!
  • Fear of needing dental work. Patients often say that they are not afraid of the actual cleaning, but rather they don’t want to hear any bad news about their teeth or any dental problems they’ve acquired. Avoidance and denial are normal human emotions, and these can play a role in why people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should.
  • Just too busy. Sometimes, people have too much going on in their lives. According the Australian Dental Association, who conducted a survey in 2017, 16% of Australians claim that the reason they don’t go to a dentist is because they have no time and are too busy. Finding the time to have a yearly check-up is the best option when you consider how it can help you avoid more visits throughout the year, as well as costly treatments.
  • Fear of being judged. Nobody likes to be judged when it comes to their dental health. The ABS stats tell us that the way a patient is treated by a health professional is an important aspect of their satisfaction, with 85% reporting that the dental professional always listened carefully to them, and 88% reported that they always showed them respect. So, this suggests if you can manage to get yourself to a dentist, there’s a high chance that you’ll leave feeling supported and relieved that you faced your fears!

At Maven Dental, we offer Afterpay as well as interest free payment options, and our Wellness People are highly trained and experienced in helping patients feel at ease. We recommend chatting to us prior to making an appointment and let us know what your concerns are. We’ll help you work out the best course of action to take to get you smiling again!

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