Wellness Tips | 06 December, 2021

Help! I have a Dental Emergency

Christmas is coming and that means it’s the season to be smiling! As we all know, dental accidents can happen and at Maven Dental your health and wellness is our number one priority. That’s why we’re here to help should you have a dental emergency this holiday season.

Let’s set the scene, it’s Christmas Day and you’re sitting down for a festive Christmas lunch with your family. Next thing you know you’ve crunched down on something a little too hard and cracked your tooth.

So, what should you do if you’re experiencing a similar oral injury during the holiday period? The answer is to firstly, work against your nerves so that you’re able to take smart steps to control the situation. Secondly, find your local Maven Dental Practice that is open for emergency dental. That’s right, we have your back!

What counts as a dental emergency?

Not all tooth related issues are considered dental emergencies however, anything causing you severe discomfort needs immediate attention from your dentist. Dental emergencies include accidents involving toothaches, dental trauma (knocked out or fractured teeth), facial swelling, infections, and lost fillings.

Soft Tissue Injuries - This includes cuts, tears, and punctures to the tongue, cheeks, or lips. Try to clean the wound straight away and visit your local dentist or emergency department as soon as possible. If bleeding persists, place pressure on the wound using gauze.  

The most common dental emergencies include loss of teeth, chips, fractures, and cracks. So, is there anything you can do from home to reduce discomfort before you see your dentist?  

Steps to take if you lose tooth?

Losing a tooth is serious business and it’s important to act quickly! Rinse the tooth with milk to wash off any dirt and to keep the root from drying out. To increase the survival time of the tooth, either immerse it in milk or place it back in your mouth.

Be aware: If your child has lost a baby tooth, do not place it back in the socket. Doing this can damage the new permanent tooth underneath.

What to do if you fracture, break or chip a tooth?

Regardless of how damaged the tooth is, it’s imperative to seek medical advice immediately. 

Reposition the tooth using very light finger pressure and hold in place with a moist tissue or gauze. Try to find any broken or chipped away pieces and rinse them with milk to remove any dirt. If you cannot find the piece of tooth, contact your dentist immediately. Depending on how damaged the tooth is your dentist may be able to repair it. 

Accidents are inevitable and it’s important to ensure you have a plan just in case you find yourself in trouble during the holidays. Always seek dental treatment when an oral emergency occurs to improve the chance of saving the tooth or teeth and to prevent infections occurring or becoming more serious. Remember select Maven Dental Practices will be open for emergency as your health is our number one priority!