Wellness Tips | 14 February, 2022

How to keep your smile in check for Valentine’s Day (and every day of the year)

Love is in the air this week as we celebrate the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

While those who are coupled up may be making plans with their special someone, singletons may be turning their attention to stepping things up in their dating game. There are few things more attractive to others than being confident in yourself, and confident in your smile. A study by the Australian Orthodontic Society found that 55% of Australians are self-conscious about their teeth, while 46% of people said their teeth were the first thing they would change about themselves, even ahead of weight loss.

Having a smile that you feel confident in starts with good oral hygiene and making regular trips to the dentist. The general rule of thumb is to visit your dentist twice a year, however every smile is unique, and your dentist will guide you on what is right for your needs. By having these regular checks and taking a preventative approach to your health, we can identify the risk of diseases occurring and implement strategies to remove or manage that risk.

Want to boost your confidence in your smile even more? Maven Dental offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures that can be included in your dental appointments, such as tooth whitening, crowns and veneers, orthodontics such as braces and aligners, or tooth replacement options including dentures, bridges and dental implants.

2. Reduce or quit Smoking: Smoking is known to harm the body’s immune system which consequently causes concerns with tissue healing and increases the chances of cancerous changes to these tissues. Smoking causes changes to the appearance of teeth and tongue with a yellow or brown stain, along with foul smelling breath.

3. Limit sugary drinks, sports drinks or soda water. Water is the best choice of drink when it comes to your dental health. Sipping sweetened drinks regularly can increase the risk of decay. Carbonated drinks such as soda water are acidic in nature and thus have the potential to cause damage to the tooth structure.

4. Be mindful when you have coffee and red wine: Consuming coffee or red wine can stain your teeth. To try and avoid stains, have a drink of water to rinse your mouth after consuming these and limit intake.

5. Floss after a meal: It not only helps prevent decay, but it can ensure there are no unsightly pieces of food caught for your friends or date to see when you smile.

Show yourself a little tender, loving care this Valentine's Day by booking an appointment with your local Maven Dental dentist and make your smile dreams come true!