Wellness Tips | 13 April, 2022

How to protect your sweet tooth this Easter

The sweetest holiday of the year being celebrated this weekend and we’re so egg-cited!

Maven Dental is spreading the word that instilling a good oral hygiene routine is important for every-bunny. With your sweet tooth likely to be hit with a higher sugar load than usual over Easter, the good news is, the Maven Dental egg-sperts have five simple tips allowing you to have your chocolate eggs and eat them too!

Dark Chocolate is an egg-cellent choice

Although we usually recommend avoiding sugar as much as possible, indulging in Easter eggs is apart of the holiday tradition! Parents, our top tip is to let the Easter bunny know to substitute milk or white chocolate with dark chocolate where possible.

Believe it or not, dark chocolate contains less sugar than other types and has been said to contain natural chemicals that limit oral bacteria, neutralise microorganisms that cause bad breath and even prevent some sugar from turning into acid.

Don’t brush straight away

Although it may be egg-stremely tempting to brush your teeth after eating your chocolate eggs, we urge you to wait at least 30 minutes!

After eating, sugar and acid remains in your mouth and even though tooth enamel is durable, brushing too soon after eating can damage it. We recommend simply rinsing your mouth with water after your chocolate bunny.

Wash it down with water

You’ve heard us say it, and we’ll say it again. Drinking water is vital for your oral health and overall wellness too! Since you’ll already be indulging in an excessive amount of Easter eggs, try and substitute less tooth-friendly drinks like soft drink, fruit juice and coffee, for water when you can. Drinking water throughout the day, particularly after snacking, will wash away most of the sugary leftovers.

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Hop to your dentist after Easter

Once the Easter bunny has been and gone, we recommend booking a check-up and clean appointment for the whole family at your local Maven Dental practice. Preventative dental care is an important part of your overall health and there’s no better time to visit the dentist than after a holiday like Easter to keep your oral health on track.

Keeping these oral health tips in mind while you indulge in chocolate will help protect your sweet tooth.

Don’t forget, these egg-cellent oral hygiene tips shouldn’t end once the Easter bunny hops away; they can be used throughout the year to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

Book an appointment online today for your post Easter check-up and clean and enjoy a guilt free Easter!