Wellness Tips | 08 March, 2022

#IWD22 Meet Dr Rachel Garraway

In honour of International Women's Day, meet one of the wonderful women who make up the Maven Dental team, Rachel Garraway.

While some kids find the thought of going to the dentist a bit nerve wracking, a young Rachel Garraway always had positive dental experiences, from regular check ups, to getting her wisdom teeth removed and some orthodontics.

“My exposure to the profession had always been a very positive one. And the professionals that I had come across were all seemingly very passionate about what they did, and engaged in what they did,” says Rachel.

It was enough to encourage her to study dentistry straight out of school, attracted to its combination of science and dealing directly with patients. As she progressed through her five year degree, she was intrigued by the idea of taking her studies further and specialising as a periodontist: a dentist who specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and the placement of dental implants.

Rachel worked for a couple of years as a general dentist in Toowoomba which convinced her even more that she wanted to specialise. She returned to Brisbane to do her specialist periodontist training for a further three years. After graduating, she moved to London to work as a periodontist in 1997, before returning to Brisbane.

“And the students are all really enthusiastic. They're a very bright bunch, and very enthusiastic and engaged and keen to learn. So it's very rewarding from that perspective.”

Rachel Garraway is just one of the inspirational, hard working women who greatly contribute to the ongoing success of Maven Dental. We thank you Rachel and are proud to be celebrating you!