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We know a healthy mouth inspires a happy life. That’s why we do more for your mouth. We ask more questions, analyse the results and identify underlying causes. So you can enjoy oral health that leads to total wellness, for life.

We're committed to consistently providing a world-class modern dentistry experience with a patient-first approach. We're clinically led and we invest in our people and technology to keep them at the top of their game.

Wellness Starts In Your Mouth

Oral Wellness

The health of your mouth is intrinsically linked to your whole body. It works both ways. The condition of your teeth and gums affects other areas of your health. And in turn, your general wellbeing has a significant impact on your mouth. That’s why at Maven Dental, we do more for your mouth. Oral hygiene is important through every stage of your life, not only for having a beautiful smile but to decrease the risk of many serious diseases and improve your overall wellness.


A healthy body starts in the mouth, with the right foods and digestion. That’s why your Maven dentist will educate you to make sure that you know about the best foods for your teeth. Did you know that examining your teeth can even pick up some digestive problems? We ask more questions, examine your whole mouth and make sure that your healthy mouth inspires a happy life.


Think about each time you inhale and exhale, it involves your mouth! Breathing is everything. That’s why we not only examine the bacteria in your mouth, we investigate the factors that can further lead to lung problems including smoking and snoring. We believe that your wellness starts in your mouth.

Self Confidence

A healthy mouth is an attractive mouth! From picking up early signs of dental problems to boosting your confidence, your mouth is the foundation that inspires a happy life. We help do more for your mouth, so you can have a beautiful confident smile for everyone to see!

Healthy Bones

The Jaw Bone is the foundation for a healthy mouth. We do more for your mouth, by looking beyond your teeth and gums into the bone structure. We strive for prevention to stop gum disease before it progresses causing damage to the bones.


It is important your oral health is maintained throughout your pregnancy. That’s why at Maven Dental, pregnant patients need special care to make sure your mouth is the best possible condition for the exciting months ahead. Your mouth is the gateway to overall wellbeing, so we’ll educate you about caring for your little ones mouth as well.


Improving oral hygiene can reduce risks on general health involving the brain. That’s why we do more for your mouth. We ask more questions, identify underlying causes of gum disease. Research shows that improving oral health may lead to the reduced link between inflammation caused and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Maintaining a healthy BMI (body mass index) is beneficial for your oral wellbeing. Diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle reduces risk of periodontal disease. Your body and oral health hold a dependent relationship. That’s why we encourage good oral hygiene, as your whole body benefits.

Healthy Heart

Good oral hygiene is known to decrease the risk of many serious diseases including heart disease and strokes. This comes down to the inflammation caused by the bacteria in your mouth. At Maven Dental, we work with you to eliminate oral inflammation and educate you about the link between your oral health and your overall wellness.

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