Maven Dental Burwood

Dental Technology

Dental Microscope

The use of dental microscopes in the practice allows our dentists to see your teeth up to 24 times bigger. This greater visibility allows for better detection of any dental problems that may exist as well as improve the accuracy of procedures that are performed.

Below is an example of a cracked tooth being examined using a dental microscope. The microscope captures the cracked tooth at various stages - 2x, 4x, 8x and 12x bigger. Only at 12x is the crack clearly visible. Generally, this crack would be missed during a routine exam without the aid of a microscope.

Intra-oral Scanners

Dental Impressions can be a little messy, but by using the TRIOS® intra-oral scanner we're able to create virtual impressions of your mouth in a less invasive, more comfortable manner. With a digital intra-oral scan we increase the accuracy of your mouth scan and reduce the time spent in the chair.

Form2 3D Printer

With in-practice 3D printing we're able to develop high-quality models on-the-spot reducing the waiting period and cost of your treatment. Combined with our intra-oral scanners we can provide accurate, perfectly fitting, high-quality crowns or bridges for you faster than ever.

The Wand - Computerised Anaesthesia System

The Wand is a computerised anaesthesia system that controls the flow rate of local anaesthetic being administered to a patient. This equipment ensures the injection is delivered in a slow and steady manner, supporting a comfortable experience.

Majority of people who have had poor experiences with injections associate the sting of a needle to the piercing of the skin. In fact, the sting is generally caused by the rapid injection of the anaesthetic. By using The Wand our dentists are able to eliminate any "human error" that may occur in administering an injection. Incorporating this technology into the practice lets patients who have previously had poor experiences with injections to feel reassured and at ease.

Digital X-rays

Here at our Burwood practice we only use digital radiography to capture any x-rays needed during a dental appointment. Unlike conventional x-rays that use film, digital x-rays use electronic sensors to capture the image. This technology sees digital radiography reduce radiation by up to 80-90%, making it a safer procedure compared to traditional dental x-rays.

Sleep Screening Device

For patients that suffer from chronic pain, teeth grinding or snoring, we offer a sleep screening device - the Medibyte. The Medibyte is a small device that is taken home with patients to record data on their night's sleep. After an initial consultation with our dentists, patients take home the Medibyte device, set up a few wires and cables, then go to sleep like usual. At a follow up appointment the next day, our dentists are able to analyse the data and uncover any sleep disturbances. From here our dentists are able to provide specific dental advice to address the patient's condition.

Infection Control

At Maven Dental Burwood, we take infection control very seriously. We incorporate the use of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we uphold the highest level of standards, particularly in our sterilisation room. Every day our fully trained nurses ensure all dental instruments are cleaned and sterile, ready for the next dental treatment. Our nurses additionally test the equipment several times a day to confirm it is operating at its full capacity.