Community | 23 October, 2017

Maven Dental Day 2017

We’re Changing Lives, One Smile at a Time.

A huge thank you to all that participated in our first Maven Dental Day. This inaugural event was held to support those who give so much of themselves throughout the year to care for a friend or family member.

Thank you to Carers Australia for working with our team to align 165 carers to 23 of our practices and enabling us to donate $65,000 worth of dental treatments.

There were laughs, tears and plenty of smiles all around as very special people shared their stories with our teams. We are already planning Maven Dental Day 2018, and look forward to growing this event - giving back to the communities we work in.

A big shout out at all at Maven Dental for the very generous offer you came to Carers Australia with this year – to give some of Australia’s 2.7 Million Unpaid family and friend carers free dental treatment during National Carer’s Week. We are already hearing from carers that it was significant and they were really excited about this offer. So we take our hats off to all of you who have come in on a Sunday and provided some free treatment to some of Australia’s carers who are the backbone of our aged care, disability, health and mental health sectors. These are the people who do something extraordinary for Australia, thank you for giving something back.

– -Ara Creswell, CEO Carers Australia