In the Chair | 27 June, 2018

In The Chair with Dr Angie Lang

From being the principal dentist at Maven Dental Cronulla and developing an innovative health drink to studying at Oxford University in the UK, Dr Angie Lang certainly keeps herself busy. We borrowed a few minutes of her time to discover more about what she has been up to and her passion for all things oral health.

We heard you've been busy creating an innovative health drink, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Swirlit is a healthy drink for healthy mouths! After seeing the damage caused by sugary and acidic drinks on my patients' teeth I want to develop a drink that I could recommend to my patients that wouldn’t contribute to dental issues. Swirlit is sugar-free and pH neutral with no artificial ingredients. It tastes like cinnamon and green tea and contains xylitol, vitamins, prebiotic and extracts which support healthy mouths and stomachs. It also gives you instant fresh breath and makes the mouth feel clean.

How long has it taken to get from the idea stage to now?

11 years.

That's impressive! How did you get so passionate about oral health?

I have been exposed to dentistry since I was a young child that needed a lot of orthodontics. 

Since graduating I’ve been interested in the mouth-body connection and learning more. Good oral health is vital to good general health but is so often overlooked. Over the years heart health, fitness, gut and mental health have received a lot of attention and the public has become increasingly aware of lifestyle and health changes that can be made to improve these.

When it comes to oral health, many issues are preventable. I’m interested in the ways we can raise awareness of this and provide healthy choices to people wanting to maintain healthy teeth for life.

Not only are you passionate about oral health but also furthering your skills and knowledge. Can you share with us what and where you're currently studying? 

I’m studying Strategy and Innovation at Oxford University. I’ve wanted to study at Oxford since I was a child, so when the opportunity arose I was ecstatic.

My classmates are amazing people to learn with and learn from. Innovation is all about the ideas that can change the world, organisations and communities. There’s a lot of study involved, but I love it. 

It’s super relevant to my work with Maven Dental Group’ Clinical Advisory Board. As the health services environment changes with advancement in technology and delivery of services, you’ve got to innovate and have a strategy to lead in changing times.

Outside of work and study, where can we find Dr Angie Lang?

Hanging out with my husband and 2 gorgeous boys, doing research, selling Swirlit at the markets on Saturday in Bondi, travelling and studying!

Interested in learning more about Dr Angie Lang? Read her staff biography here. Otherwise be sure to catch her at our beautiful Maven Dental Cronulla practice.