Wellness Tips | 01 April, 2020

Healthy Habits to Keep You Smiling

While we’re all staying at home and doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19 it’s easy to slip out of our healthy habits. With the help of our Wellness People, we’re coming to you with some healthy habits to keep you smiling and living healthy while you’re at home.

Healthy Diet = Healthy Body

A healthy body starts with your mouth. We’re not just talking about your oral health but also your diet. It’s hard to resist temptation when there are snacks just metres away and no one to judge you on what you’re about to eat but it’s important to try and maintain a healthy diet while at home.

We’re not saying you can’t eat those tasty snacks you’ve got stashed away but just limit your consumption and avoid grazing on them all day. Think about replacing that packet of chips with fruit or your extra coffee with green or black tea. These substitutes are good for your oral health and will help keep your overall wellness on track.

Let’s get physical!

Walk, run, stretch. Lockout some time each day to get active and exercise a little. Exercise is good for your physical and mental well-being. Take a little break in your day to stretch out your limbs with some yoga or walk around the block and get some fresh air. You don’t even have to head outside, word on the street is there are a number of home training apps and programs available. 

Stay social

It’s important to practice social-distancing at the moment but that shouldn’t stop us catching up with friends. There’s no better excuse to stay in touch and check in with our mates. Facebook, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or even a good old fashioned phone call, there’s so many ways we can still communicate with the ones we love.

Socialising will help maintain our mental health. Staying connected with family, friends and co-workers will help you feel less isolated, reduce stress levels and can even increase your productivity.  

Oral Health

As dentists, it would be remiss of us not to mention your oral health routine. Brush at least twice a day and floss once daily. Your oral health is strongly linked to your overall wellness. Maintaining this routine is the first step to maintaining your overall wellness.

One thing we can’t control is dental emergencies. Accidents happen but we’re here to help. If you experience a dental emergency while you’re at home get in touch with your local Maven Dental practice immediately.

It’s now even more important to maintain your overall health and wellness. The little things go a long way. Organise a Skype party, eat healthy foods, go for that daily walk, and keep up your oral health routine. These tips might sound simple but they are a great start to ensuring your oral health and overall wellness stays on track.