Wellness Tips | 19 January, 2021

Eat, drink but be wary!

Most of us think that a healthy lifestyle begins and ends with eating a healthy diet and getting as much exercise as we can.

Of course, these factors are crucial to keeping you fit and healthy, however the reality is that your oral health also has a major effect on your overall health.

Gum disease, for instance, has been linked to many ailments including pneumonia, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and it can exacerbate diabetes.

That’s why brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and seeing your dentist on a regular basis is so important.

But that’s not where it ends! How is your lifestyle affecting your mouth?

Smoking, drinking, taking medications, tongue and lip piercings, and stress, all have a significant influence on how healthy your teeth and gums are.

So, with the help of some of our Wellness People we’ve had a look at how some of these habits can affect your oral health and what you can do to make some improvements.


The sugar and acidity of alcohol are major contributors to teeth erosion. Adding to this is the damage caused by people going straight to sleep after a big night out, only brushing their teeth the next morning, leaving their mouth unprotected from erosion and decay all night.

The solution - drink lots of water both when you’re out partying, and the next day when you’re recovering. Also try to avoid mixing with soft drinks so you can cut down on unnecessary sugars.

Habits are hard to kick but getting a check-up can pay off big time. Book an appointment with your local Maven Dentist today and we can help you get your teeth back on track and looking great!