Wellness Tips | 26 May, 2021

Why you shouldn’t miss your next check-up

A dental check-up may not be your idea of a fun time, so we get why you might be tempted to skip one or two. However, many people don’t realise that oral health is not only about your mouth, but also your overall wellness.

We asked Maven Dental’s Wellness People (a team of awesome oral health experts) to share just some reasons why you shouldn’t miss your regular check-up:


Cleaner teeth

You probably brush twice a day to keep your teeth clean and healthy, but plaque and tartar will still build up in between and around your teeth. Without being removed, the plaque hardens and becomes calculus (commonly referred to as ‘tartar’). Most people experience tartar build up on their teeth, particularly those with harder to clean areas such as around crowded teeth or permanent retainers.

Having your teeth professionally cleaned and polished will not only remove the built-up tartar and leave your teeth sparkling clean, but a smooth and polished surface will also reduce future plaque build-up. Fluoride treatments are also available during these appointments, which help to strengthen your teeth from the outside in.


Discovering cavities before they get bad

Ouch! We all know that sharp pain you feel in your tooth when you suck in cold air or eat something cold or sweet – and while this could just be sensitivity, it could also be the sign of something more sinister such as a cavity.

When a cavity first begins to form, you may not experience any symptoms at all. However, as the hole progresses through the layers of your teeth and reaches the dentine, it will begin to cause pain. Seeing your local Maven dentist twice a year can prevent this from happening as it allows your dentist to diagnose and treat cavities long before symptoms occur.


All food and drink with strong tannins such as coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes and soft drinks can stain the teeth. The most effective way to remove them is by getting a professional clean from your dentist, who will have them sparkling once again!


Bad breath

Nothing can be more discomforting than having bad breath (also known as ‘halitosis’). A professional clean will help remove those stubborn particles being trapped in-between your teeth, gum, and tongue that may cause the bad breath.


Oral Cancer Screenings

At Maven Dental, your clinician will perform an oral cancer screening at your regular check-up. Oral cancer is one of the fastest spreading cancers in Australia and early diagnosis is key. That’s why seeing your dentist twice a year could save your life - especially if you are part of a high-risk group.  

It’s worth noting that people who smoke or have gum disease or diabetes are prone to cavities, and this could mean that they need more check-ups than two per year. If this is the case, your dentist will advise you on the frequency of your visits. If you’ve been putting off going to the dentist and haven’t been in a while, you’ll likely need X-rays, a full clean, and an examination at your next appointment.

Regardless of which way you look at it, skipping dental check-ups is never a good idea. So, find your nearest Maven Dental practice and book an appointment today. We’ll get you on track, so you can continue smiling all year round!