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Sleep Dentistry

With Maven Dental Leopold you can get your dental work completed by your own dentist, while under IV sedation or a very light anaesthetic in a fully accredited private hospital.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry, or sedation dentistry as it is also known as, refers to the use of sedation to calm and relax a patient throughout their dental appointment. Use of these sedative agents throughout treatment help reduce stress and anxiety often experienced by some patients. 


  • Reduce the stress and anxiety of visitng the dentist
  • Treatment completed by a dentist and team you know and trust
  • Adults and children are both catered for
  • In most cases, all work can be completed in one visit
  • Enjoy the comfort of a modern, relaxing, small private hospital

In capable hands

Sleep Dentistry - Dr Kishen DavdaDr Kishen Davda (B.D.Sc, Bristol UK) is a highly experienced dentist across all aspects of dentistry, with a keen interest in children's dentistry and orthodontics. Committed to delivering positive patient experiences he places a strong focus on helping anxious and nervous patients to overcome their fears.

Experienced in treating both children and adults, Dr Davda ensures he takes the time to understand your individual needs. By booking your appointment with a dentist you know and trust, you can rest assured that you're in capable hands.

Interested in sleep dentistry? Call us today for more information or to arrange an appointment.