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What to do if you lose a tooth?

One of the most common dental injuries is a lost tooth. If a tooth is knocked out it's important to act quickly. Rinse the tooth with milk to wash off any dirt. To increase its survival time, either immerse the tooth in milk or place it back in your mouth. 

If your child has lost a baby tooth, do not place it back in the socket. Doing so can damage the new permanent tooth underneath.

What to do if you fracture, chip or break a tooth?

Regardless of how damaged the tooth is, you should seek medical advice immediately. 

Reposition the tooth using very light finger pressure, and hold in place with a moist tissue or gauze. Try to find any broken or chipped away pieces and rinse them with milk to remove any dirt. If you cannot find the piece of tooth, contact your dentist immediately. Depending on how damaged the tooth is your dentist may be able to repair it.