Wellness Tips | 01 August, 2022

How To Love Your Teeth This #DentalHealthWeek

Dust off your floss, it’s Dental Health Week (August 1-7) and it’s time to shower your teeth with a little love! This year at Maven Dental our aim is to highlight the importance of loving your teeth and the small steps you can take to care for your smile for life.

Keep calm and brush your teeth

The most effective part of any oral health hygiene routine and the easiest for you to do at home is to brush your teeth! You may think missing the odd night or skimping on the thoroughness of your brushing won’t matter but think again! Brushing removes the build-up of plaque and bacteria in the mouth preventing gum disease and tooth decay.

As your Maven Dental dentist would advise you, it is best to brush your pearly whites twice a day (morning and night), for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

According to studies, only 27% of plaque is successfully removed after one minute of brushing however, after two minutes, 42% of plaque is removed.  Therefore, it’s crucial to brush your teeth properly in order to reach and clean each quadrant of your mouth.

For more tips and personalised guidance on how to best brush your teeth, book a check-up and clean with your local Maven Dental dentist today!

Research shows that just 25% of Aussie adults claim to brush or clean in between their teeth daily!

You may be surprised to know there is a technique to this seemingly basic task. Check out Maven Dental’s flossing  tips or your Maven Dental dentist can provide hands-on advice to help you.

Smart snacking can also keep your dental health in good shape. Avoid the impulse to snack frequently as the more often you eat, especially between meals, the more likely you are to welcome un unwanted acid attack on your teeth,

Want to build healthier, stronger teeth and gums? Try including these teeth-friendly foods in your diet!

Book a date with your dentist

Our oral health sets the tone for our overall health and wellness which means, it’s time to make it a priority! Locking in a routine check-up and clean with your dentist is vital to prevent any unexpected dental issues that could potentially end up costing you (or hurting you) down the track and to keep your dental health in optimal condition.

Having a routine dental exam will not only help you maintain good oral health and overall wellbeing, but they can also assist you in restoring confidence in your smile. If you haven’t been scheduling your regular dental check-ups, dental health Week marks the perfect time to start!

Don’t have a regular oral health professional? Find your local Maven Dental dentist!

Like any routine, teeth brushing, and oral care aren’t ‘one-size-fits all’. It’s always a clever idea to talk to your dentist for specific recommendations and tips for your at home dental hygiene routine. Your dentist may recommend a specific toothpaste or toothbrush giving you a little bump to take your dental care routine to the next level.