Maven Dental Mermaid Beach

Lip Numbing for Cosmetic Treatment

Contact our friendly team today to book lip numbing services for your cosmetic treatment (e.g. lip tattoo).

Choose the right package for you

PACKAGE 1: Lip Numbing $100*
Includes a complimentary exam

PACKAGE 2: Exam & Clean $175*
Includes complimentary lip numbing

PACKAGE 3: Exam, Clean & Teeth Whitening $350*
Includes complimentary lip numbing

Terms & Conditions:
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. All patients must complete applicable medical history and consent forms. All health funds accepted, please refer to your health fund for their terms and conditions. Patients are encouraged to check their health fund cover prior to making an appointment. Package 1 is valued at $149 and includes local anaesthesia (941) and consultation (014). Package 2 is valued at $283 and includes comprehensive oral examination (011), removal of calculus (114), fluoride (l 21) and (941). Package 3 is valued at $455 and includes (011), (114), (121), (941), home application bleaching (119), individually made medication trays (926) and provision of medication (927), unless one or more of these items are deemed unsuitable for the patient, in the clinical opinion of the Practitioner. Services will only be provided where clinically necessary and appropriate for eligible patients. Offer only available at Maven Dental Mermaid Beach and is subject to availability of appointments.