In the Chair | 04 July, 2019

In the Chair with Dr Sadit Reza

We got Maven Dental Tor Street's newest dentist, Dr Sadit Reza, In the Chair to chat about his inspriation for becoming a denitst, his time with the Royal Flying Doctor Service and his love for sport.

Why did you become a dentist?

From a young age, I always enjoyed problem solving and doing hands on things such as sports and building models/crafts. During my primary school years in New Zealand, I also developed fond memories of the school dental care which I received mostly because the dental practitioner made the experience so fun and interactive which left me baffled when anyone else complained about going to the dentist.

After a lot of research during my high school years, I realised that dentistry not only involves everyday problem solving but also allows one to be creative and artistic in the work that they perform. I relished the idea of taking away the stigma of dentists being “scary” and instead instil positive dental experiences with patients by building harmonious relationships.

You’ve volunteered for the Royal Flying Doctor Service, what was that experience like?

It was a very rewarding experience to provide a service to remote places where there is a shortage of dentists. The patients were mostly children and everyone was very grateful which made it especially worthwhile.

You are passionate about preventive dentistry, how important in education about prevention?

Without proper education, it can be very easy for patients to practice improper oral hygiene which leads to tooth decay and gum disease. The aim for all patients, especially children is to develop healthy habits and avoid unnecessary dental treatment.

Who was your role model growing up?

My mother has been my biggest role model as she is the kindest, most selfless person that I know. My mother always put a lot of emphasis on my brother and I to be honest and do right by everyone and she has always led by example in that regard.

And, what makes you smile?

Many things make me smile such as the neighbour’s dog that tried to bite me, poorly directed horror movies and watching a good game of cricket on TV.

But most importantly, coming to work to a bunch of happy staff members as well as happy patients is what makes me smile the most. If you can get through the appointment with a few laughs after doing good dentistry which you can be proud of, then that certainly makes your day.

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